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Living Art

Terra Energy Arts Medicine

As a Healing Arts, Ecotherapy, and Expressive Arts practitioner, my intention is to encourage, support and uplift the natural, more creative elements of the human experience through transformational moments and playful creative practices. My hope is to empower others as they explore artistic curiosity, build relationships with the more-than-human worlds, and engage in opportunities that inspire regeneration and personal revelation.


Terra possesses the heart of a shaman. Whether I arrive with an intention or not, she relies on her intuition and connection with Spirit to offer what I need most. Her incredible life experiences and training allow her to harness guiding forces to create a powerful healing session. She creates sacred space to allow you to reconnect with the natural world. My sessions are filled with artmaking, writing, nature’s wisdom and Terra’s authenticity. I feel a sense of renewal and wholeness after our sessions. I am so grateful for her work.

She possesses an innate ability to meet and support her clients where they are in the moment. She has a broad range of experiences and training that inform her work and allow her to customize sessions to suit the ever-changing needs of her clientele. Her deep listening skills  and intuitive approach allow her to seek out potent creative solutions that can serve the client long after the session has ended. Thank you Terra! ~ Sunny S


Terra brings her experience, training, heart and wisdom to each moment.  Sessions I have experienced with her incorporate therapeutic expressive arts, intuitive and energy work, coaching and guidance. This combination of offerings makes her an effective and inspiring practitioner. She has a gift of articulating and expressing herself in a way that is supportive, encouraging and transforming. ~ Aditi SB, M.D.


I had the pleasure of meeting Terra Dyer Gill about ten years ago at a spiritual retreat. Through the years we have stayed in contact as we continue to grow on our various spiritual paths.  I have recognized how sincerely Terra has committed to her own development and transformation through study, exploration and connection to spirit.

I have experienced breakthroughs and growth in my own life as a result from sessions with Terra. It is my recommendation that if you are ready to shift energy in your life in a profound way?  If being  guided by someone who is skilled in various healing modalities, deeply connected and led by spirit and who approaches these practices  from a compassionate, heart centered place resonates with you.  Then sessions or workshops with Terra are a must.  You will leave the experience restored and inspired with practical techniques to transport you to a reality that begins to resonate with why you are here and what you are to do next. ~Catina C.B.


"Terra brings together a deeply loving and highly effective healing arts experience using her many gifts as an expressive artist, intuitive, and Reiki Master. My experience allowed me to relax easily to see what was needed to release past programs and patterns while opening me up to a greater capacity to express love in all its manifestations within myself and to others. Terra used the natural elements, her diverse training, and art in a unique way that revealed to me how I will express myself now and in the future. I highly recommend spending time with her as you will receive exactly what you need for growth." ~ Jonathan T.


I feel so fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with Terra. During each one of our sessions I found a sense of peace, healing, and understanding that I've never experienced with another practitioner before. She is intuitive, perceptive, and extremely kind; Terra has the amazing talent for making her clients feel safe while exploring uncharted territories of emotion. I really benefited from Terra's use of different modalities during our sessions. I love that she incorporated Reiki, Animal Spirit Guides, Past Life Work, and Therapeutic Arts along with an abundance of knowledge and information. Terra is truly a gift and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a genuine healer! ~ Deanna L., LMT